February 26, 2015

Long time no see

Dafür heute, wir zusammen mit den grandiosen Cavalcades in der Flora, hell yeah! Das könnte ja was werden! Wir freuen uns!

April 16, 2014

Tour, Tour, Tour

Our tour with mevrsavlt starts tomorrow, excitement grows... Thanks to Jana for the poster, we will have some copies of them to sell, beside all the other stuff we carry with us usually. So spend your money from grandma and grampa on our shows! See you there!
And two of the cities have a tramway, yeah, so here we go!!!!

March 27, 2014

Tour with Phil

We're on tour with Mevrsavlt again, hell yeah!!! Last year was a hit, so will this!


17.04.2014 Hannover, UJZ Kornstraße
18.04.2014 Gotha, Juwel
19.04.2014 Gießen, AK 44
20.04.2014 Tangermünde, Kaminstube

Be there or be square!

December 06, 2013

Records, Shows, ...

and a new face:

a) Leonie joined the band. Welcome!

b) We will play a show at the Störte in Hamburg on 21st December.

c) We released a 7 inch on Tief in Marcellos Schuld. 

     Get it at Tief in Marcellos Shop.
     Maybe we will have an own shop some day. 

September 13, 2013

Our last Show...

...with Tim will take place at the lovely Fährstraße 115 on Sunday, 15th September. So come over and show your appreciation. Besides, our 7 inch record will be available at this show. Also the nice Tiny Vessels will have their debut. So, don't miss this!

June 10, 2013


After suffering on unavoidable after-tour-depression, it's time to loose some words about it:
We started in Braunschweig qith a warm welcome, meet some old friends, picking up our driver Seb and Phil/Mevrsavlt. 
The arrival in Erlangen was kind of opposite: We crushed into a crowd of thousand of drunken german kids, on their way to a big "Volks-Fest". Cause of there were some hundred of them, we decided that they were not woth a fight...
Hadding to lovley Göttigen the next deay, playing together with Dresdens finest Violence-Chapel, Chevin.
Roßwein had the biggest crowd and the most exciting sleeping rooms, inside of an old 12-floors and toal empty GDR-tower. Bit spokey, but more than interessting!
Rainy Ffrankfurt at the end, near Theodor-W.-Adorno-Square, with the best food on tour and the great O.
Ending up playing WWF-Smack-Down till the mornig with our lovely hosts and their great dog!
Ashtray Monument want to say Thank You to: Timo, Thomas and Nexus Crew BS, Johannes and JUZ Erlangen, Claude and Konzertgruppe 1 G-Town, Conni and Jugendhaus Roßwein, Sarah, Patrick, Tobi and everybody involed in Frankfurt as well as White Boy Problems, Chevin, the littel Unsaid, Loner and O.
Big Hugs and Heart to Seb and Phil!  This surrely wasn't the last time!

Two questions at the end: 

1. Who's that guy?

2. What's in that box?

(There might be a price for the right answers)