December 28, 2012

Well, yes, aha...

If each of us enjoyed their trip to some weird places (the urban jungle of the former independet unit of West-Berlin and the Isle of Leipzig in the mid of the eastern badlands) and make it back to Hamburg in one piece, some exciting events will take place.

First of it:

On 10th January, we will play together with our  friends  Jackson Pollock's Action Painting at the Molotow Bar in Hamburg. We guess this will be fun. So maybe you should come over...

Second of it:

From 11th till 13th of January, we go to studio! Yeah! After the date in October had to be canceld cause of some job-incidents, we are now excited as hell. The result of this will be given to the hand of the Chief-in-Command Dennis and than we will see what happens next. But there's something to expect...
We will keep you up to date!

To finish with the words of the prophet, the one and only Atom, who not accept some other package beneath him:

"Liberate that bottle of malt liquor!"